BTTF#005 – Jupiter Ascending, Inherent Vice and Dune

Here, at last, is our latest episode. Sorry it took so long and we hope you think it was worth the wait!

First up this episode we actually start with the classic film for a change. Having chosen Dune we were a little bit surprised at the differences of opinion on this one but, as we all know, our favourite films from yesteryear are something we have a tendency to hold close to our heart and can summon up various emotive responses. I can confirm that Paul and Michael are still speaking so do not be afraid….

Rather than looking at a new home release for this podcast we decided to look at two cinema releases and Inherent Vice was first up. Would this ever live up to the promise of the trailer? Were the news reports about people walking out accurate? All this and more got discussed here.

For the final film (and second cinema release) we took a look at Jupiter Ascending. Wendy, who has featured previously, felt strongly enough to wade in on this one and, once again, opinions were mixed for this film.

For our next main podcast we will be looking at It Follows, Nightcrawler and Life of Brian. We will try not to leave it so long this time…




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