BTTF#008 – Mad Max: Fury Road, Tomorrowland, Birdman and Four Lions

For the eight edition of the main podcast, the Back to the Feature team decided to take a look at an additional cinema release alongside the normal one, home release and classic film. We were also able to welcome Michael back to Needingworth for this edition and the Skype connection was not missed.

First film up was Mad Max: Fury Road. Would this be a worthy new instalment of the classic franchise, some thirty years after the release of the last film in the series? With Mel Gibson being replaced as Max Rockatansky by Tom Hardy, could this film, that has been a long time coming, hope to live up to the hype?

The next film to be discussed was the home release, Birdman. This film did reasonably well during the award season earlier in the year but wasn’t for everyone, so would it be universally loved by the team?

The relatively recent film, Four Lions, was discussed next. Although this Chris Morris film was only released in 2010, it had been referenced a few times in our podcasts so we felt the time was right to take it on as the classic film. A dark comedy about the planning of a suicide bombing would not be for everyone but it got a good reception across the team.

The final film to be discussed was the Disney cinema release, Tomorrowland. The film has not been that well received at the box office but did the team think this was fair? Is this a film solely for the kids or is there something for the adults too?

The next films to be discussed are the cinema release Jurassic World, two home releases in the form of Ex Machina and Whiplash, and the 1958 classic Ice Cold in Alex.




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