BTTF#009 – Jurassic World, Ex Machina, Whiplash and Ice Cold in Alex

Here at last is main podcast episode number nine! As mentioned in our last posting, we had to re-record this episode due to technical issues with a memory card which caused the loss of a whole episode. Obviously this was a rather strange proposition as normally we go into a recording not knowing each other’s exact views, and we feed off that, but in this instance we were fully aware of the views and scores so we hope this does not show too much.

The first film this episode was Jurassic World. 14 years after the last film, would dinosaurs still be as exciting as ever, or should they have left the franchise alone? Only one of the lads seemed able to forgive the many failings.

Next up is Ex Machina, a British science fiction film in the AI genre. It was obviously going to be a hit with Paul but would the others like it?

The third film was Whiplash and it was already known to be a hit with Robert and Michael, would Marc and Paul enjoy it just as much?

The classic film for this episode was one of Robert’s absolute favourite war films, Ice Cold in Alex. It would become apparent that the other three had never seen this 1958 film so Robert was intrigued to see if they would find the film as great as he does.

The films up for discussion in the next main podcast are Marvel’s Ant-Man, Still Alice featuring an Oscar-winning performance from Julianne Moore and the classic 80s comedy, Airplane.




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