DOC#001 – Welcome to Leith

For our first ever group documentary review we were lucky enough to be given the chance to preview Welcome to Leith, a film by Michael Beach Nichols and Christopher K Walker. Our thanks go to Metrodome Group for this opportunity.

Welcome to Leith

The film follows the events that occur in Leith, a small prairie town in North Dakota, when a well known white supremacist moves in and attempts to takeover the town by buying up other land and homes before moving other white supremacists in. On the face of it the plan is legal and in line with all that democracy allows.  The film follows the events in a fair and balanced manner with both the original residents and the newcomers being allowed their voice.

15_Ryan Schock_Fire

The documentary was shown at various international film festivals in 2015 and was well received. It is also worth noting that part of the funding process for this film was via the funding website Kickstarter. The documentary receives its UK theatrical release on 12th February 2016.




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  1. Scary? Having lost your UK right to own firearms and speak freely about people (races, etc.) you don’t like is what’s REALLY scary. Have you Brits been so neutered that you don’t realize it is YOU who is living in a scary society?

    My suggestion: pick up a copy of “Hold Back This Day”, a novel available on Discuss it, and you may learn something important.

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