Extra#003 – Tremors

Monday 19th January 2015 sees the 25th anniversary of the release of Tremors, starring Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward. As this film has been a long-time favourite for Robert, Paul and Marc, they decided to celebrate this fact with a podcast extra as it has been a while since the last recording was put up.

As well as a discussion on the film, the lads also discuss just how many films Robert has seen recently now that he has an unlimited card at the local cinema, which leads Marc to try plugging the cinema chain with the hope of receiving a free unlimited card, an effort that he doubles when he also tries plugging a mobile network following a discussion on Kevin Bacon as he needs a new mobile phone*. There are also discussions on the Oscar nominations and our differing methodology on the practice of scoring movies.

* Please note that any attempts to promote any goods and/or services are done firmly tongue-in-cheek, much to Marc’s disappointment!

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