EXTRA#008 – Hard Tide / Nathanael Wiseman Interview

Hard Tide is an indie British crime movie with a difference. Jake (Nathanael Wiseman) is a small-time criminal who has some issues as his Dad (Ralph Brown) is about to be put away and Margate, the setting for the film, is about to become embroiled in a turf war. At this point, Jake’s life is turned upside down when he meets and befriends a neglected nine-year-old girl, Jade (played by outstanding newcomer, Alexandra Newick).


The film utilises some lovely settings in and around Margate, and the cinematographer, Joe Mannion, has done a great job extracting the maximum from these locations. These visuals when over laid with a great little soundtrack by Si Begg, and with original music from UK rapper Mic Righteous, leave you in no doubt as to how grimy life can get on these housing estates. However, as well as the violence that you would expect from a British crime movie, you also have the lighter scenes with Jake and Jade that ultimately turn this into a tale of redemption. Wiseman and Newick have great chemistry on-screen that leaves you in no doubt about Jake’s determination to save Jade.

Hard Tide

As well as Wiseman, Brown and Newick, the cast includes the likes of Mem Ferda, Oliver Stark, Andy Lucas, Katarina Gellin, Beverly Hills and Sean Cronin, so you know the story is in safe hands.

Hard Tide receives a theatrical release on 29th April 2016 and is available to buy on DVD from 9th May 2016.

We were lucky enough to bag ourselves an interview with the lead actor, Nathanael Wiseman (Nate). As well as taking the lead role in the film, Nate also co-wrote and co-directed this film with Robert Osman, was a producer alongside Katarina Gellin (who took over the role of Nate’s girlfriend in the film when the original actress was injured a few days before the start of filming) and also produced and provided vocals on one of the songs on the soundtrack. The interview was carried out by Robert, Marc and Paul for the podcast. There are a couple of points where a dog can be heard in the background towards the end of the recording, please accept our apologies for this.

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